Dc 37 Contract Agreement

“This agreement clearly illustrates the importance of collective bargaining and what can be achieved if employers and workers negotiate in good faith,” said Henry Garrido, Executive Director of District Council 37. “This government has shown that at a time when forces are trying to degrade the value of the collective bargaining process across the country, there are serious problems that can be tackled when you address workers with respect.” The agreement must be ratified by the members of CD 37. This agreement continues the administration`s promise to re-establish a productive relationship with the City`s workforce, not all of which were under contract at the beginning of the Mayor`s first term. The total cost of the DC 37 preliminary comparison to fiscal 2021 is $1 billion, which is offset by significant savings in the health sector and funding already in the city`s work reserve, representing a net new issue of $307 million over a 44-month contract term. Contracts On behalf of the City of New York and District Council 37, the Laboratory Relations Commission and the Health and Hospitals Corporation entered into a copy of the contract performed on behalf of the City of New York and District Council 37, on behalf of the positions listed in Article I of that contract. Please click below for: The agreement provides for a collaboration agreement with the city to enroll in the NYS Paid Family Leave program by January 2019. It has approximately 100,000 members of CD 37 and models separate contracts from the other 25,000 members of CD 37 that are not covered by this Agreement. CD 37 Contracts and Collective BargainingThe wages, hours, working conditions and ancillary benefits of members are governed by collective agreements negotiated between DC 37 and the City of New York. CD 37 bargaining committees discuss and plan negotiation priorities and strategies. Then we will negotiate with management to get new contracts.

“When I took office, the relationship between the city and its staff was difficult at best. Four and a half years later, not only have we placed more than 99% of municipal workers under fair contracts, but we are now starting again and ensuring that people are paid fairly,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “I am grateful to CD 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido for his ongoing partnership and my Labour Relations Commissioner, Robert Linn, for ensuring that we remain a city that balances fairness to our workers and fairness to our taxpayers.” “Thank you to DC 37 Executive Director Garrido for working with the city on this contract, which is fair to both workers and New York taxpayers. This second agreement perpetuates the respectful dynamic between the city, its workers and the unions that represent it,” said Robert Linn, Commissioner of the Industrial Relations Office. The duration of the contract runs from 26 September 2017 to 25 September 2017. May 2021 and includes three salary increases: “Our members have spoken out in favour of a new 44-month economic agreement providing for an overall wage increase of 7.42 per cent, substantial funding for benefits, new paid family leave and the continuation of premium-free health insurance until at least 2021,” said Executive Director Henry Garrido. The yes of 98 percent was a strong demonstration of union solidarity. New York, N.Y. – Members of DC 37 approved last night, with a 98 percent “yes,” a new 44-month economic deal with no refund. To further develop the savings made in the health sector over the first four years, the Mayor today announced a second health savings agreement with the Municipal Laboratory Committee (MLC). The agreement voted on today by MLC members will, through the fiscal 2022 fiscal plan, result in total savings of $1.7 billion in the health sector, including $600 million per year. Savings will be achieved through a number of measures, including a cap on increasing urban health care of 3.5 percent next year and 3 percent the following year.

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