Dod Mobility Unclassified Capability End User License Agreement

Mobile Reach has partnered with many systems integrators and defense companies in many different projects and contracts, helping to add and deliver added and effective value. Our software allows integrators to comply with service level agreements with fewer resources. Benefits include significant improvements in data integrity, shorter repair times, shorter downtimes, and improved compliance with legislation. This agreement is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single unit) and Mitsogo Inc. (“Mitsogo”) and governs your use of the program made available to you by Mitsogo Inc. Most importantly, Reach mobile mobility software solutions have been constantly developed based on feedback based on previous implementations with the DoD. We continually add features and update our software to reduce operating costs, improve inventory accuracy, and speed up incident and problem resolution. Mobile Reach is a mobile platform that facilitates immediate mobile access and provides DoD and other federal agencies with significant mobile access to information, faster response times and better mission efficiency. With more than a decade of implementation of mobility software for the federal, regional and local governments, Reach mobile software meets the state`s strict standards, including: Mobile Reach provides end-to-end mobility solutions to a multitude of military bases and De DoD agencies that allow them to streamline their operations, including resource management and maintenance, as well as the supply and decommissioning of on-site equipment. Mitsogo Inc.

grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license to download, install and use the program exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes, strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The program is licensed by Mitsogo Inc. for exclusive use under the terms of this Agreement and will not be sold. The agreement represents the full agreement between you and Mitsogo Inc. regarding your use of the program and replaces all prior and simultaneous written or oral agreements between you and Mitsogo Inc. You may be subject to additional terms and conditions that apply when you use or purchase the services of Mitsogo Inc. that Mitsogo Inc. will provide to you at the time of use or purchase. By clicking on the “AGREE” button, by downloading or using the program, you accept the terms of this contract. Mobile Reach has completed project implementations with the Department of Defense, major federal authorities and government organizations.

Mobile Reach software has implemented strict security measures and obtained the Networthiness certificate from the U.S. Army and obtained approval from the DoD`s Internet Secret Protocol (SIPRNet) router network. Mitsogo Inc. collects, stores, manages and shares information about you in accordance with its privacy policy, available under By accepting this agreement, you acknowledge that you accept and accept the terms of our privacy policy. If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us at your company is responsible for data processing as responsible for collecting, processing, storing, using and managing the information collected by the program.