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“convention”: this document supplemented by the terms of use; The appointment as a data processor or under the circumstances as a sub-data processor of MailUp has the same duration as the duration of this contract and is deemed revoked at the end of the contract; For any reason, and the Customer`s personal data, as well as all copies of mailUp, will be permanently deleted from the MAILUp SYSTEM (including all paper files) except in applicable laws, in accordance with Article 7. (ii) to demand payment of the EUR 100.00 (eur cent) for administrative costs related to the termination procedure. All ancillary services on the MailUp platform for which the customer is used must pay a single non-periodic access fee (for example. B for training and design concepts) and have a duration of 12 (12) months from the date of the corresponding order confirmation or the remaining shorter period until the expiry date of the contract, if this is not renewed. If the customer does not use these ancillary services within the aforementioned time, he is still required to pay the full amount and is not entitled to a refund. 8.8 – Validity of contractual clauses. The terms of this agreement are considered to be in force and are accepted in their entirety by the Customer, including in the case of free and/or temporary use of the functions provided by MailUp on any basis. The customer realizes that any correspondence between the customer and MailUp, including his employees, can be recorded and recorded/archived. MailUp reserves the right to publish or transmit to third parties any communication or correspondence between the customer and the Abuse Desk service identifiable by the E-Mail-abuse@mailup.com or abuse@pec.mailup (p.

B e.g. ISP or DNSBL). and pass on the customer`s credentials to the customer`s recipients – they should request it after receiving a report from the Abuse Desk service. In this context, the customer will completely release MailUp by signing this agreement. 6.10 – Sending messages. Messages are considered to be sent by the MailUp platform® to the intended target in the console, including, for example, and without restriction: SMTP servers, mobile telecommunications networks or servers of intermediaries or third-party API services. The customer acknowledges and accepts that third-party providers may discontinue services provided by MailUp or the MailUp provider without notice. In this case, the messages are not delivered to the target, but this is in no way attributable to MailUp. The reception of messages is available, but it is not guaranteed: if the provider or mobile operator provides them, it is indicated in the console. The client recognizes that, because of the intrinsic technological characteristics of these communications, the sending of communications should not be used in situations where failure to receive a full message and/or for a specified period of time is likely to cause harm to the customer or a third party; MailUp disclaims any responsibility for the service or permanent use of the MailUp platform® and assumes no responsibility to the customer and/or the third party in the event of failure and/or delayed delivery or in the absence of confirmation of delivery.