Hsuwa Agreement

What we do know is that a no to the current offer would mean that the effective date of a salary increase would only be from the date we finally agreed, and that any changes to the terms would likely be lost. Our goal is to reach an agreement before June 30, 2018. If you would like to nominate someone for special recognition as Union Representative of the Year 2020, please click on this link and fill out the form by Friday, December 4: hsuwa.us9.list-manage.com/track/click. You can contact the union office at 9328 5155 or by email at union@hsuwa.com.au if you would like to discuss the offer and its implications for you. There will be no further wage increases or changes to other terms and conditions of employment until the union and the Ministry of Health reach an agreement. The offer includes salary increases of $1,000 per year starting July 1, 2018 and an additional $1,000 starting July 1, 2019. (share for part-time workers). The first wage increase will only be paid to workers employed at the time of registration of a new agreement by the WA Industrial Relations Commission. The offer applies to a two-year contract that expires on June 30, 2020, and the draft salary plan is available here. For more information, see: www.hsuwa.com.au/public-sector-eba-2020 Talk to your union representative! Talk to your colleagues! Call the union on 9328-5155 or email union@hsuwa.com.au members of Western Diagnostic Pathology recently celebrated an important milestone when their employer sent a message to begin the formal process of negotiating a union agreement. After Aegis attempted to terminate the existing agreement, members secured a much better wage deal and some minor but significant improvements to the terms, with an agreed one-year term.

Union members recently celebrated a victory at Aegis Aged Care by voting YES to a revised company agreement. For more information: www.hsuwa.com.au/…/aged-care-royal-commission-furth. thewest.com.au/…/legislative-council-pass-mcgowan-g. Dan Hill, secretary of the HSUWA, said the Commission`s decision was a victory for fairness. We had a great echo to the investigation – thank you for taking the time and trouble to tell us what is important to you. We continue to work on the considerable number of comments and proposals from members, which we should affirm within the EBA. If you would like to supplement the feedback we have already collected, you can do so by talking to your representative, attending a union meeting, sending an email or calling the union office. “We understand that the Barnett government has financial problems, but we did not believe that we should ask our members to contribute more to the recovery of the state`s financial situation than other workers in the health care system. In its decision, the Commission gave us its agreement and we welcome this.” All members of the public sector will receive more details about the offer and an email vote this week.

Voting will begin two weeks from Friday, August 21, 2020. We know that this will probably be a tight financial cycle, the government`s negotiating position given that most members have a $1,000 a year dish for full-time employees, proportionally for part-time workers, and all other changes must be revenue neutral. In the survey, you told us that job security, flexibility of work rules and work management were important issues and we developed claims to tackle these problems. . . .