Vxworks License Agreement

NI respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. NI software is protected by copyright and other laws. If NI software can be used to reproduce software or other materials, you can only use NI software to reproduce materials that you are allowed to reproduce under the terms of a license or other legal restrictions. If you hold an older permanent license, you can continue to use your Qt license if you do not renew your annual support and maintenance contract. Please note that you do not have access to support, error versions or patches. If you have a validity period or a subscription, your reuse rights for tools, APIs and libraries expire if the validity period is cancelled or the subscription is terminated. They have no rights for future development or distribution. Each commercial license has its own license manager. This person may be the same person as the licensee or anyone else on your team. Changes or requirements to define the license manager in your team can be ordered through the Support Centre by opening a new request for assistance. The license manager can assign user licenses to someone else in their Qt account.

Either your license manager can reassign your business license, or you can notify our support team of the change by opening a new request for assistance in the Support Centre (QtAccount). Your commercial or open source license is not related to a project, especially your active commercial Qt license is eligible for several development projects. However, you are not allowed to mix open source and commercial projects/developers. Either your project follows open source commitments, or it goes under Qt advertising, where all associated Qt developers have the correct commercial Qt license. Five-year terms and location licenses are available at the company level. Contact us to discuss. Yes, yes. If you are defined as a license manager for your team, you can assign licenses from one user to another in your Qt account under the Licenses section.

Note that the license manager can only license once within six months. An additional distribution agreement is required to develop non-autonomous software under the commercial Qt license. It explains the distribution conditions of Qt libraries and is included in your commercial Qt license agreement. Please contact us for more information on software product development with Qt. Yes, you can use your business development license or open source for several projects. However, you are not allowed to mix open source projects with commercial Qt projects. Most of the time, all commercial licenses with standard email support with a 24-hour response time are provided via your QtAccount. Only EDU and Small Business licenses are limited or non-existent. This free education program license makes it possible to fully exploit all aspects of Qt`s development.

The Qt Framework is doubly licensed under commercial and open-source licenses. The Qt commercial license gives you the full right to create and distribute software on your own terms without the requirement to license open source.