Wlu Collective Agreement

19.1.12 If such a proposal is adopted, the University takes the exemption from normal liability. Such an exemption from normal responsibilities is considered by mutual agreement between the librarian and the AUL supervisor of the member, if not the UL. In a contract year, the maximum release period for these projects is 22 days or 11 days for librarians who contract temporary appointments. 31.3.6 Up to 20 minutes of the planned teaching time in the last two weeks of a course or a member`s participation in a course where such participation is less than a full term or academic year is used to complete the questionnaires. The evaluation is planned by mutual agreement between the faculty member and the university. The faculty member is not present during the filling out of the questionnaires for their classes. The member only has access to the results when the final notes of the course have been presented to the clerk. Course principals do not receive information that would reveal the identity of the students who responded to the questionnaire. For this reason, the university will not conduct evaluations in a class of less than 5 students. (5) The parties recognize that the negotiations and subsequent collective agreement of this bargaining unit “may contain elements that recognize different rights or benefits or conditions of employment” as they carefully distinguish librarians.

These “points” are included in the agreement in the form of a separate section or article. A member may apply for a program that does not comply with the provisions of,,, and Such requests require the dean`s consent and an agreement must be reached in writing to be copied to association 31.3.3. A single university questionnaire will be developed for all credit courses, with the exception of Music Studio instruction, assessed at point 31.4, and online learning courses at point 31.5. For the duration of the agreement, the questionnaire is the questionnaire used during the spring semester of 2016. Changes to this questionnaire are only made with the agreement of both parties. The university obtains the approval of the association before passing amendments recommended to the Senate for ratification. The parties also recognize that this placement is made in a manner that is not contrary to the intellectual property of full-time faculty members, pursuant to section 36 of the full-time collective agreement and CAS members, in accordance with section 20 of the part-time collective agreement.